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Take Your Industrial Asset Monitoring to the Next Level

Industrial Asset Monitoring

What would it be like if you had an maintenance engineer working 24/7/365 on your fixed and mobile asset monitoring? You would have their intuitive understanding of abnormal operating states and root-cause analytics available at all times.

There would be no need for maintenance programs centered on periodic operator readings, manual asset condition analysis, forensic investigation, or third-party outsourced analyses and reporting. There would be no delay in the detection and understanding of progressing asset failures.

Imagine you could take that analyst’s intuition and apply it automatically, continuously, and consistently, even in the midst of unreliable and partially delayed data streams. This would entirely change the way your organization detects and responds to asset health concerns, and could evolve a labor intensive, manual analysis approach into a prescriptive analysis asset maintenance strategy.

Now stop imagining, because you can do all of this. With the Dexcent Asset Analytics System (DAAS), not only will manual turn into prescriptive, but your organization will experience significant improvement to your industrial asset monitoring.

DAAS: An Improved Approach to Industrial Asset Monitoring

Industrial organizations invest considerable time and effort into collecting and storing data as part of industrial asset monitoring. This data is used for historical and root-cause analyses of asset health issues and asset performance analytics. DAAS is designed to streamline, improve, evolve, and advance this process.

DAAS is a combination of a software-processing engine specializing in unreliable time-series data streams and a library of analysis packages targeting various equipment types across multiple industrial verticals. DAAS processes data continuously, enabling near real-time analysis.

DAAS turns data into actionable information. It enables organizations to streamline their operations and improve plant performance by knowing what remedial actions to take before alarms sound or mission critical assets fail.

Being vendor independent, DAAS unifies and normalizes the monitoring experience across diverse and disparate industrial systems. This enables a system of systems view for broad industrial asset fleet monitoring and optimization and strategic decision processes across widely diverse industrial systems. An organization can now access centralized insights across its sites, fleets, and assets.

How does DAAS work?

DAAS is automation for data analysis. It takes historical analysis, often performed in tenders and spreadsheets, and provides a platform for running it automatically as a continuous analysis using real-time data.

DAAS' core processing engine is an entirely new framework for enabling calculations, heuristic-based analysis, pattern recognition, and prescriptive analysis on streaming time-series data.


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Obtain the DAAS Advantage

DAAS is a system that changes the way organizations work. It is the junction point of people, process, and technology within an organization. It will take your asset monitoring to the next level.

If you are interested in finding out more about DAAS and what this unique system can do to improve plant performance for your organization, contact us today.


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