Broken Maintenance Plans? Bleeding Downtime Costs?

Intelligent Maintenance is Here

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Powerful Predictive Optimization 


Integrated Data Processing


Drastic Operational Savings 

Not a Software Company; Engineers with a Software Company

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We are not your typical software company. We are engineers who have built our software based on years of experience in the industry.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Unplanned and excess downtime costs
  • Lack of transparency in maintenance plans and predictability in maintenance costs
  • Absence of holistic decision making on asset maintenance

Powerful Prescriptive Analytics Engine

DAAS will

  • Perform analyses and produces event notifications
  • Execute cumulative issue monitoring
  • Monitor long-running degradation conditions
  • Detect complex failure patterns

DAAS’ system uses data input from asset, business, and operational systems to automatically monitor asset performance and health, as well as process and procedure adherence, to produce actionable, prescriptive outcomes. 

 The 3-Step Process


  • Data: DAAS uses data from asset, business, and operational data repositories
  • Governance: Standards, specifications and OEM procedures provide governance
  • DAAS AICs: Calculation algorithms and parameters and customizations are extracted from the DAAS Asset Instance Components (AICs)
  • Expertise:Knowledge from subject matter experts, the DAAS Technical Advisory Council, and the client are combined with failure mode data from asset management systems contribute to the outcome


DAAS Prescriptive Analytics Engine


  • DAAS Core uses smart analyses of the various inputs to detect abnormal asset behaviour and create notifications

Prescriptive Notification:

  • M2M Messaging: Machine to machine system messaging can provide outcome information to the OEM or vendors, the site Safety Team, Procurement, Warehousing, Planning & Scheduling, and the Maintenance and Reliability team members as well as to other AMS applications.
  • M2H VisualizationMachine to human interface options include the DAAS Dashboard, Siemens XHQ Operational Intelligence, and OSIsoft’s PI Vision platforms, among others. M2M system messaging can be incorporated into most AMS visualization products.  
  • Secondary Analyses: DAAS supports secondary and forensic analyses using trend analysis tools like the Seeq Trend Viewer.

Bringing Intelligent Maintenance to You

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CMMI Capability Maturity:

  • Organizations use the CMMI Maturity model to determine where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.
Analytic Maturity:
  • The need for deeper analytic capability in your organization will grow as your business and operations mature.
  • DAAS monitors assets and how they are interconnected. A vibration in a motor will be reported as a vibration in all assets that have a mechanical connection to that motor. This allows DAAS to reach an accurate source diagnosis before reporting.
Analytic Support:
  • Analyses support is available from multiple sources. Most OEMs and third party analytic companies provide rudimentary capability. As organizational needs change these capabilities often come into conflict with the supplier’s business model and the services drop off.

Get Remarkable Operational Improvements

DAAS is OEM and Asset Type Independent

  1. The highly-scalable platform which can be tied into existing workflows and business systems to create a single solution across all fixed or mobile assets. 
  2. By eliminating the need for multiple vendor systems, your costs for maintenance support, application licensing, and training are reduced significantly.
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DAAS takes Notifications from Predictive to Prescriptive

  1. Predictive analysis changes your maintenance strategy by providing advanced asset failure or safety notifications well before the typical OEM-supplied, or third party alarm system capabilities.
  2. Prescriptive analysis generates actionable events with the inclusion of the steps required to rectify the problem; a listing of parts required to make the repair; the estimated time required for the repair; and the data points required for secondary analysis and diagnostics.

DAAS Eliminates the Guesswork

  1. All calculations are executed with no skipped or terminated calculations due to gaps in streaming data. That means no extrapolation and no guesswork. 
  2. This will extend the lifecycle of equipment, prevent unexpected shutdowns, and allow to perform the right maintenance, with the right parts, at the right time. 

Here's What The DAAS Demo Shows

Asset Health
At a glance view of asset health and status for any or all assets and asset types, regardless of manufacturer - great for mixed asset fleets
Smart Watch List
Customizable watch list of asset issues to allow the user to keep watch on degrading conditions
Prescriptive Notifications
See what prescriptive notifications are and how they can save time and money
Much More
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